Every day you wake up is a chance to start anew.”

Founder and CEO Amekia Lawson, LPC

Founder and CEO

Amekia Lawson, LPC

Welcome to a safe place to explore your thoughts and feelings. As your therapist I will help facilitate your growth and help guide you to the answers that you are seeking. I look forward to establishing a counselor-client relationship with you and creating a warm atmosphere for you to share your issues and life’s circumstances. I am an advocate for putting mental health first and I will become your support during this process.



Hey you! You’re in the right place.

  • Are you in need of assistance managing your mental health?
  • Have you had difficulty coping with life’s stressors?
  • Are you having thoughts of hopelessness?
  • Have you found yourself experiencing uncontrollable anger?
  • Do you have impaired relationships with family and friends?
  • Do you need someone to talk to?